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Endodontics is dentistry of the tooth root and nerves. When a tooth becomes infected, the nerve is nearly always the cause. The treatment, removing the damaged nerve, is commonly called a root canal. Once among the most dreaded dental procedures a patient could imagine, root canals have evolved to become a commonplace procedure involving less patient discomfort and faster results overall.

This procedure gets its name from the process itself, during which your dentist will drill into the tooth to gain access to the canal housing the nerve. The nerve will then easily be removed, and the space filled with a material called gutta percha, which mimics the material inside your tooth. Following a root canal, many patients opt to have a crown installed for both cosmetic and structural reasons. The crown will also serve as increased protection for the repaired section of your tooth. Further, once root canal is completed and a crown installed, your tooth should no longer be sensitive to hot and cold, and you should be able to enjoy your regular diet, without restrictions. Just maintain good oral hygiene and you will be ok.

The past several years have seen great advancements in equipment and technology for root canal procedures. Better anesthetics, combined with new, rotary technology, make root canals faster, safer, and more comfortable for the patient than ever.

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