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Multiple Tooth Extractions

Generally speaking a tooth extraction is a routine procedure. However, when multiple teeth are removed in proximity special consideration must be taken. In most cases multiple tooth extraction requires a reshaping of the jawbone to accommodate an appliance or bridge. these are critical to ensuring that the structural integrity of the jaw is restored, and that the remaining teeth do not being to shift or loosen.

Following a multiple tooth extraction the patient should expect swelling to occur for two to three days before subsiding around the fourth day. Swelling will likely be evident inode and outside the mouth, even extending up to the cheek and eye in some cases. The muscles around the extraction site will likely be sore and can sometimes result in a sore throat. This is normal. If the swelling is too uncomfortable, a warm compress can be applied after the second day.

Your doctor will likely arrange a follow up appointment 48 hours after the initial procedure to assess your progress.

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